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    Turbeville Children’s Home

    Turbeville Children’s Home’s property was purchased by the IPHC on October 7, 2015, and received license to operate by the state of SC in January of 2016. The home was previously opened October 8, 1949, by the South Carolina State Association of Free Will Baptists and was known as the Free Will Baptist Orphanage. Over time the name of the home changed to The Free Will Baptists Home for Children. The facility was open until February 2013 where it served hundreds of children. The official opening of the Turbeville Campus was scheduled for March 1, 2016, however, due to a need for a sibling group of four needing placement, the first children were received February 23, 2016. Another sibling group of four was placed the very next day. Within the first six months of operation Turbeville Children’s Home has cared for over 45 children between the ages of 0-21. Currently Turbeville Children’s Home serves children from the following counties: Clarendon, Florence, Horry, Richland, Sumter, Lexington, Georgetown, Williamsburg, and Dillon.

We provide a Transitional Living Program, Maternity Care Program, and an opportunity for Mother’s with Babies.

The Transitional Living Program is designed to assist children to transition into adulthood. Maternity Care is designed specifically for pregnant teens who have made a choice to not end their pregnancy. The program will provide the necessary education and care to ensure delivery of a healthy baby and support the teen’s decision to either parent or make an adoption plan. The Mother’s with Babies program will be open to clients from our maternity care program or other parenting teens who qualify for foster care services. Clients will receive the necessary parenting and child development training they need along with independent living skills.

The faculty and staff at Turbeville Children’s Home would like to give huge thank you to everyone who has supported the growth of the Children’s Home. No donation was too small and the Children’s Home appreciates your willingness to see a brighter future for the children that are placed here. Turbeville is thankful for all of the volunteer work that has happened over that past few months and we are excited about what is going to happen as we journey into the future. 



                                                            • Loving, Christian houseparents                          • Scheduled family visits
                                                            • Clean, spacious rooms                                         • Educational opportunities through the local high school
                                                            • Regular Medical & Dental Appointments          • Private counseling with licensed professional
                                                                    • Recreational Opportunities                                  • Tutoring services on-campus

If you would like to hear about any employment or volunteer opportunities give us a call at 843-659-2880. We would love to hear from you.

Turbeville Children’s Home
P.O. Box 229,
Turbeville, SC 29162.