Meet The Directors

Debbie and I came to Falcon Children’s Home and Family Services in December of 2014. We have worked with the oldest boys on campus 14 to 20 years old. Over an eighteen month period we worked with over 40 boys. My desire was to be an example to them of what a godly father should look like. I can not say I always fulfilled that goal but when I failed I would pray to be a better example. The most rewarding part of my job was to see the behavioral and spiritual maturity in some of the boys. The changes were always slow, similar to physical growth. I would notice how they were dealing with adverse situations and then reflect how they responded to similar situations months earlier. Sometimes that was the only thanks I got. My advice for prospective Houseparent s would be to view the work as ministry and missionary work rather than a job. Otherwise they will probably get burnt-out emotionally or simply not be effective. What I loved was the Christian, family atmosphere. We really connected with some great people that love children and love Jesus. I know that the Lord has great plans for the children that will come to Turbeville Children’s Home and I am excited to see what He has already begun in Turbeville. I desire to see that the needs of every child is met while in our care. It is my prayer that these children will see the love of Jesus while they are at Turbeville Children’s Home and that it will change their life for Christ.

Mike and Debbie Dillard Picture

Michael & Debbie Dillard
Turbeville Children’s Home