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Falcon Christian Academy is located on the campus of Falcon Children’s Home and was formed to help our middle and high school students “catch up” through an academically intensive program.  Our school’s mission is to focus on academic achievement, Biblical worldview, and character development.  We understand that many of our students have not been successful in single and sometimes multiple school settings.  It is our hope that we can work together (students, faculty, houseparents, and social services) to redeem past mistakes, and facilitate a positive attitude toward school and learning. We Incorporate best practices recognized by leaders in education as the most effective methods for helping children learn. During the 2015-2016 school year we’ve expanded our classes to include Kindergarten to 5th grade. This school year, we’ll introduce a new prek-4 class.

November 20, 2017

Harvest Train LIVE STREAM Tuesday November 21st – 9:15am

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October 19, 2017

Harvest Train 2017 – “At The Kings Table”

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November 21, 2016

Harvest Train LIVE STREAM Tuesday November 22nd – 9:45am

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⇒ Pre-testing and post-testing each school year to identify each child’s strength and needs and measure academic gains. 

⇒ Individualize and creative instruction geared to the child’s needs.

⇒ Low student-teacher ratio.

⇒ After school tutoring program with skill-specific remediation programs for our students.

It is the purpose of Falcon Christian Academy to guide each student to full intellectual development regardless of his or her current academic or social status. This will be achieved by an environment that conveys the message that all students can learn, marked by increasing higher levels of achievement with students performing at our above academic grade level.

It’s the goal of the academy to teach each student to develop a Biblical World View that is evidenced by an awareness of the unconditional love of God, a sense of purpose and self-worth and hope for the future.

Student Athletes are challenged to excel in the pursuit of Christ-life character; he or she is also to move toward emotional maturity and skill proficiency.  Current sports include Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, and Baseball.

It’s the purpose of Falcon Christian Academy to promote positive character development, having clear-cut expectations of each student to demonstrate appropriate responsible and productive behavior. Students will be taught life skills that will enable them to be confident and successful in whatever career or calling they choose.

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